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Millar Chiropractic Clinics
Huntsville, Madison, Jones Valley, Alabama 

Appointment Center:

For All Clinics............................ (256) 830-0000 

         (Toll Free..............(800) 462-4476)

Regular Chiropractic Clinics   Phone:
Millar Chiropractic - Madison AL  

Dr. Jeff Kerby, DC  Senior Millar Chiropractor
(256) 830-0000
Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL 
Dr. Ken Knight, DC  Millar Senior Chiropractor, 

Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP (by appointment)
(256) 539-2000
Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Jones Valley) 
Dr Justin Walbom, DC
(256) 713-1830
Millar Chiropractic - Williams Ave 
Dr Greg Millar, DC CCEP 
(256) 539-7077
Spinal Decompression Traction Clinic
Alabama Laser Spine Decompression
Dr Greg Millar, DC CCEP 
(256) 539-1000

Personal Injury Clinics  Phone
American Spine & Rehab
Dr Jack Langston, DC
(256) 519-6800
Accident Medical
(256) 519-6802

Diet Clinic
Boost Your Metabolism Diet (256) 551-0000

Millar Chiropractic Associates, Inc.  d/b/a Millar ChiropracticTM and Millar Chiropractic ClinicsTM 

Corporate Office

Mailing Address:

PO Box 21157
Huntsville Alabama 35813

Physical Address

303 Williams Ave SW Ste 133
Huntsville Alabama 35801

(256) 519-3550
(256) 772-9947 fax

Millar Chiropractic Associates, Inc.  

Millar Chiropractic Associates, Inc. is the franchisor and marketing company for Millar ChiropracticTM and Millar Chiropractic ClinicsTM.  See Notices & Disclaimers and Terms of Use Pages. 

Officers of Millar Chiropractic Associates. Inc are:
Dr Greg Millar, DC CCEP - Founder & CEO, COO 
Dr Justin Walbom, DC - Sr VP 
Tracy Millar, Sr VP - CFO Comptroller
Dr Ken Knight, DC VP
Susan Richardson,  VP Personal Injury/Supplies
Emily Joseph, VP Marketing
Samantha Kil, AVP Personal Injury
Erin Johnson, AVP Supplies
Kristen McGlocklin, AVP Marketing

Franchise Clinics:
Each franchise clinic corporation is independently owned and operated.  Each franchise clinic practices as a separate group practice from the other clinic corporations with each having its own unique NPI (National Provider Identifier) number.  The franchise clinics are: 

Millar Chiropractic Huntsville, LLC., d/b/a Millar Chiropractic - Williams
Millar Chiropractic Jones Valley, LLC., d/b/a Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Jones Valley)
Madison Chiropractic & Nutrition Center, LLC., d/b/a Millar Chiropractic - Madison AL
Huntsville Chiropractic & Nutrition Center, LLC., b/d/a Millar Chiropractic  - Huntsville AL 

American Spine & Rehab, LLC., 
Accident Medical, LLC.  d/b/a Accident Medical 

Please See Notices & Disclaimers and Terms of Use pages. 


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