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What Chiropractic Patients Ought To Know About Orthotics

What Chiropractic Patients Ought To Know About Orthotics

feet and orthotic inserts

It's good to have options.

Individuals who suffer from a recurring medical condition, as well as those who experience an injury, can maintain the same general goals, manage their pain, and heal as quickly as possible when they have a few treatment options.

Fortunately, chiropractic care promotes healing and strengthens the body by working on it in its entirety, holistically.

Experienced chiropractors understand there are a variety of treatments available in their arsenal to use in addition to the usual chiropractic care techniques employed to aid in pain management, increase mobility, and decrease healing time effectively.

Depending on the condition, individuals can experience a wide array of benefits from blending additional treatments with their usual chiropractic treatment regimen.

One such treatment is orthotics.

Orthotics are an additional treatment option available that many experienced chiropractors use in particular situations or in the care of certain conditions (such as uneven leg length—a very common condition in which many people suffer unknowingly that often causes low back pain). Many chiropractic physicians report great results with patients reporting shortened healing time and decreased overall pain and discomfort.

If life were a sandbox, chiropractic care and orthotics would be the best of friends. Orthotics treat muscle and skeletal conditions, as does chiropractic treatment. Some of the key benefits of utilizing orthotics in regular treatment include the following:

Greater support

Orthotics created to "brace" a body part not performing at full-strength, enabling it to heal much faster than with no external support used.

Keeping particular areas of the body immobile to enable healing

Sometimes, an injury requires little to no movement in order to heal, and orthotics serve this scenario very well.

Decreasing the amount of weight bearing on a body part

A person's feet bear a great deal of his overall body weight, which means feet have a more difficult time healing completely or achieving lasting symptom relief.  This is where orthotics can come in to play as part of an effective treatment regimen.

Orthotics provide the weight-bearing assistance needed to give the body time to repair and heal itself while giving feet the additional support they need to heal completely and more thoroughly. 

Body stabilization

If a part of the body is not functioning adequately, the entire body may be unstable. This is an unsafe situation that can lead to or cause other injuries. Orthotics are tools that stabilize the body by providing extra support or enabling people with uneven leg length to achieve even leg length and level hips. (Uneven leg length is a common condition many people suffer from unknowingly, and uneven leg length often can cause acute low back pain).

Body alignment correction

A variety of injuries and other health conditions cause misalignment of the spine. Certain orthotics assist the body in achieving alignment over the course of time, especially when combined with chiropractic adjustments.

Used in the course of chiropractic treatment, orthotics provide a valuable factor in the person's recovery. Marrying the regimens of chiropractic care and orthotics supercharge the healing and recovery time.

How may you ask?  The following is a list of ways in which orthotics speed healing time:

Helps eliminate painful symptoms. With chiropractic visits working on the body as a whole, and orthotics offering support and stabilization, patients often show a decrease in painful symptoms faster than employing one or the other.

Increases the chance of returning to normal activity. Utilizing orthotics gives the area that is underperforming stabilization and support. This allows a person to more likely return to work and other daily activities faster than chiropractic treatment alone.

Minimizes reliance on medication. A chronically painful medical issue is quite difficult to manage without medication.

Long-term use of certain medications can create health and addiction issues, leaving a person with one more problem to handle.  The combination of chiropractic care and orthotics enables many individuals to lessen their dependence on drugs because of the significant reduction in pain they produce.

Maximizes quality of life. While being treated by a chiropractor, a patient’s body may take a few weeks or longer to stabilize before it completely heals. When orthotics are coupled with chiropractic care, these same patients can achieve a greater feeling of stability and independence in consequence as well as faster recovery times in some cases. These effects are perhaps the most significant benefit of employing the two practices, as one's quality of life is immeasurable.

No matter the injury or condition, an experienced chiropractor can determine the best regimen for individual patient needs. By consulting with chiropractors who utilize orthotics in their practices, many health issues can be tackled effectively, providing even greater results in return.  

If you need a new chiropractor or have never seen one in the past, give Millar Chiropractic a try! We use orthotics regularly to treat a wide variety of conditions in all 6 Millar practices in the Huntsville-metro area. We are here to help you! Give us a call today at (256) 830–0000 to be connected to the Millar clinic nearest you through our Appointment Center. We've got your back at Millar Chiropractic (and focus on the whole body, too!)...It's what we do!

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