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Millar Chiropractic Seminars: 

Dr. Greg Millar DC CCEP would like to invite you to one of our Free* Seminars. He and the other Millar Doctors talk weekly on topics like  "Treating bulging and herniated disc without back surgery", Lasers, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches & Migraines, Sciatica, Facet & Stenosis Pain and more." All seminars are Free* to the public. Please attend as our guest. All Seminars are held in beautiful downtown Huntsville: 

303 Williams Ave SW
Suite 115
Huntsville AL 35801
(256) 539-1000

Upcoming Seminars and Topics:
June 13th  6:00pm   Treating bulging & herniated disc without back surgery using the DCR Protocol
June 20th  6:00pm   Treating Sciatica - leg pain and weakness
June 27th  6:00pm   AARP - Advanced Arthritis Rebuilder Protocol treating for Knee Pain - Joint pain and problems.   

We are located in Park Plaza across the street from Big Spring Park and the former Holiday Inn in the medical district Huntsville Alabama. 

See your there. 
Dr Greg Millar

Free* - Seminars and talks are free. All other services at regular prices. Some persons or insurances are not allowed to receive free services. If that is the case with you then this does not apply.