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 Low Back Pain Special Offer

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This month we're offering a Free* Consultations with the Doctor
A Free Consultation is just that.
A 15- 20 minute meeting to talk about your problems and our possible solutions.

free 30 min swedish massage 

Plus all Free* Consultations receive a Free 30 min
Swedish Massage to introduce Millar Chiropractic Massage

Or Call the Appointment Center
(256) 830-0000
for appointments at any clinic

Millar Chiropractic Clinics has clinics located in Huntsville, Madison, and Jones Valley Alabama. We specialize in low back pain relief treatment. Our Chiropractors have years of expertise in helping patients get out of low back pain with everything from an acute (injury) to chronic lower back problems. We treat low back disc problems (herniated or bulging) non-surgically using the proven DCR Protocol (Decompression-Correction-Rehabilitation). Many Patients Seen Same Day.  This month we're offering a FREE Consultation meeting with the Doctor to discuss your Low Back Pain problem and a Free 30 Minute swedish massage to introduce Millar massage.  

Or Call The Appointment Center Now:

256 830-0000 

Low Back Pain or Disc Problems: WE CAN HELP

  • Chronic Pain 
  • Muscle Problems
  • Nerve Problems
  • Stenosis
  • Bulging Disc
  • Herniated Disc 
  • Scoliosis
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Strain/Sprain Injury
  • Sciatica (leg pain)
  • Degenerative Disc 
  • Facet Problems
  • Accident and Injury
  • Work Injuries 

Or Call The Appointment Center Now:

256 830-0000 


My name is Dr. Millar….thanks for coming to this website. Do you have nagging back pain? Take a second a grab a copy of this special report which reveals the secret to getting rid of back pain without drugs or surgery. Just click on the book   and  complete the form for instant access. You’ll get it instantly, plus you’ll qualify for a Free Consultation. Just Click on the Report and fill out the report form!
Dr. Millar 

Have a Professional Evaluation of Your Low Back for only $49 

We’re running a very special offer this month only where you can find out how much this amazing treatment can help your low back pain. Now. What does this offer include?  Everything we normally do in our new patient evaluation this month only for $49 cash, check or credit card OR we bill your insurance for the new patient exam and you just pay your normal co-pay and you still get everything. If you have a big deductible you only pay $49 for the full exam. 

1st and foremost: we will be very honest with you. If we can help you then we will accept you as a patient. If we can not help we will refer you to someone that can help you...fair enough?

Just call and here’s what you’ll get…with this Special Offer
●  An in-depth consultation (meeting with the Doctor) about your low back where we will listen…really listen…to the details of your case.
●  A complete neurological examination, where we look at your nerves and possible nerve paralysis or damage. Especially if you have leg pain or weakness.
●  A complete orthopedic examination, where we look at your bones and joints for possible problems.
●  A complete muscular examination, where we look at your muscles for weakness.
●  A complete range of motion examination, where we look at your spine range of motion and the effects wear and tear have had on your spine.
●  A computerized back analysis so we can look at the spine and the pull of the muscles.
●  If you need X-Rays, for just $50 more you can have a full set of Low Back X-Rays with an Radiologist MD report. These are yours to keep even if you don't become a patient. (The $49 special does not include the cost of the X-rays) OR we can bill your insurance for X-Rays.
●  A Full Report of our Findings of so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free.

●  You’ll get to see everything first hand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your back pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients.

The normal cash price for this type of extensive evaluation and examination including everything we laid out above and the Report of Findings visit is over $250, so you’re saving a considerable amount by taking us up on this offer now. We always like to give good value for your money. 

Or Call the Appointment Center Now!
local at (256) 830-0000 
or toll free 1-800-432-4476


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Free* Consultation - A Free consultation is just that. A 15-20 minute meeting to talk about your problems and out possible solutions. No Exams preformed. No Chiropractic treatment given. Should the person receiving the Free* services as outline above be accepted as a patient of Millar Chiropractic Clinics then additional regular charges for treatment will be incurred in individual cases as needed for related services. It is up to YOU to determine if you can receive Free* services. This offer only to new consultations and does not apply to existing patients, personal injury or workers comp consultations. For all services, results vary in individual cases. Cash value of Free* consultation $0.01. Cash value of Free Massage $0.01.