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Great New Patient Online Offer

Start Getting Out of Pain Today
Just $49 or Use Your Insurance

Have Questions? Millar Chiropractic Clinics would like to offer you our FREE Consultation* This is a 15-20 minute meeting with one of our Doctors to discuss you problems and our possible solutions.

Plus all Free* Consultations receive a Free 30 min
Swedish Massage to introduce Millar Chiropractic Massage

Get seen today as a new patient, in most cases. We accept BCBS, Medicare, and most major medical insurances. If your a cash patient, then Millar Chiropractic Clinics extends to you our "Great Cash New Patient Online Special."

For People Just Like You.. Everyday

Questions? Start with a Free Consultation*:

This is a chance for you to meet with one of our Doctors for a Free* 15-20 minute discussion of your problems to see: 1) if we can help you 2) how long will it take and 3) how much will it cost.


Insurance Patients:

In pain? Get seen today in most cases. Just tell the front desk that you're in pain and need to be seen today.

Dr Ken Randolph, DC; Dr Justin Walbom, DC;
Dr Jessica Davis, DC: Dr Jack Langston, DC.

Great Cash New Patient Online Offer***

For a $49.00 donation benefiting the "Wounded Warrior Project", you get the Millar "Personalized Pain Finder Evaluation" and a Report of Findings visit.

Help a returning soldier and help yourself at the same time.

Start Getting out of PAIN Today!!

Tired of being herded into a room only to spend less than 5 min with the Doctor? Tired of Doctors not even touching you but examining you from across the room? So are WE. Discover Chiropractic Excellence at Millar Chiropractic Clinics TM.

All new Millar Chiropractic patients get a thorough History and Examination with one of our chiropractic physicians including:

The Millar Chiropractic Clinics 20 Point Pain Check Up
2. Chronic stiffness and aches
3. Painful catches and cricks
4. Grinding, clicking, and popping noises
5. Painful turning and motion
6. Compensations
7. Reflexes, Sensory (Numbness and tingling)
8. Pinched nerves
9. Tendons, and ligament pain and problems
10. Muscle spasms and trigger points
11. Muscle weakness
12. Joint pain, stiffness, weakness
13. Overall joint and body alignment and Posture
14. Adhesions and asymmetry in muscles and ligaments
15. Orthopedic test
16. Neurological test
17. Range of Motion exam
18. Palpation exam
19. Muscle testing
20. Nutritional evaluation

Report of Findings:During which our Doctor will explain to you what they found, if anything, and answer 3 questions:
  1. Can we help you? (Did you come to the right place?)
  2. How long will it take?
  3. How much will it cost? (How much will insurance pay and how much do I have to pay out of pocket.)
YOU now have 3 Options

option #1

option #2

Toll Free 1-800 462-4476
for your appointments at any clinic.

option #3

Madison (256) 430-2700

Huntsville Downtown (256) 539-2000

Jones Valley (256) 713-1830

Huntsville Williams Ave (256) 539-7077

Alabama Laser Spine (256) 539-1000

Neuropathy Laser Center (256) 539-0077

At Millar Chiropractic Clinic, we like to say "Millar's Got Your Back".
We specialize in 6 areas:

  1. Low Back Pain - with or without radiating leg pain
  2. Neck Pain - with or without arm pain
  3. Headaches and Migraines
  4. Sciatica - pain or weakness down a leg
  5. Joint Pain - Hip Knee Ankle Foot | Shoulder Elbow Wrist Hand
  6. Whiplash - Injuries from motor vehicle accidents

We treat lots of other areas, from Arthritis to Whiplash. We understand how to help you get out of pain and start living again.

Millar Chiropractic Clinics

  • Six Clinics
  • Experienced Doctors of Chiropractic
  • Most New Patients seen the same day.
  • Emergencies and Walk-ins welcome.
  • Greg Millar, DC CCEP; Ken Randolph, DC ASBCE; Justin Walbom, DC; Jessica Davis, DC; Jack Langston, DC; Helen Stoddart, MD.


FREE Consultation* - A Free Consultation is just that. A 15- 20 minute meeting to talk about your problems and our possible solutions. No Exams preformed. No Chiropractic treatment given. Should the person receiving Free* services as outlined above be accepted as a patient of Millar Chiropractic Clinics then additional regular charges for treatment will be incurred in individual cases as needed for related services. Some patients are not allowed to receive reduced fee or free chiropractic or medical services. It is up to YOU to determine if you can receive free services. This offer applies to new consultations only and does Not apply to Existing patients, Personal Injury or Workers Comp consultations. For all services, results vary in individual cases. Cash Value of Free Consultation $0.01 Cash value of Free Massage $0.01.

BCBS of Alabama, Federal BCBS and Medicare:
Millar Chiropractic Clinics will gladly bill your insurance company in most cases. But remember your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company and you are still responsible for your bill if the insurance company does not pay.

Dr Greg Millar DC CCEP does not accept any insurance. He does not participate with BCBS or Medicare. He gladly offers a Free* consultation to all patients to see him along with your Millar Chiropractor to discuss your case. Dr Millar himself operates a concierge cash practice and treats things normally not covered by BCBS or Medicare.

See other disclaimers that apply on webpage "more about us

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Business Information

Millar Chiropractic Clinics -
Appointment Center (All Clinics)

Huntsville, Madison, and Jones Valley Alabama

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Toll Free: 1-800 Go Chiro (1-800-462-4476)
Local Phone: (256) 830-0000

Millar Chiropractic Clinics - Corporate Office

Millar Chiropractic Associates, Inc.
PO Box 21157
Huntsville, Alabama 35813

Millar Chiropractic Corporate Office - Huntsville AL

Operations, Billing, Human Resources, Purchasing, Act Payable

Phone: (256) 519-3550

Email Us at [email protected]

Millar Chiropractic-Madison AL

Dr. Justin Walbom, DC
1908 Slaughter Rd
Madison AL 35758
(256) 430-2700

Millar Chiropractic-Huntsville AL (Jones Valley)

Dr. Jessica Davis, DC
2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr SE, Ste 150
Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 713-1830

Millar Chiropractic-Huntsville AL (Downtown)

Dr. Ken Randolph, DC
2021 Clinton Ave W, Ste A
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 539-2000

Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Williams Ave)

Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP | Dr. Jack Langston, DC | Dr Helen Stoddart, MD
303 Williams Ave SW, Ste 133
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(256) 539-7077

Neuropathy Laser Center Huntsville

Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP & Dr. Helen Stoddart, MD
303 Williams Ave SW, Ste 114
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(256) 830-4545
1-800 Why Hurt

Alabama Laser Spine Decompression

Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP & Dr. Helen Stoddart, MD
303 Williams Ave SW, Ste 114
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(256) 539-1000

American Spine & Rehab

2021 Clinton Ave W
Huntsville, Alabama 35805
(256) 519-6800


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