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MillarChiroBlueText_copy.jpgWe are Huntsville AL Chiropractors Huntsville Al. This clinic is located in South Huntsville, Jones Valley. Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Jones Valley) is part of the Alabama Millar Chiropractic ClinicsTM.  Millar ChiropracticTM now has Chiropractic clinics located around the Tennessee Valley in Huntsville, Madison and Decatur Alabama .  That means were close to home or work. Hello I'm Dr Greg Millar, DC CCEP, Chiropractor. You've probably seen us on on ABC Waay TV Channel 31 over the years, where we answer your question live on the air. Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Jones Valley) is a place of wellness, healing and learning. Chiropractor Dr Jamie Bunis practices at the Jones Valley office.  Doctor means teacher, and Dr Jamie Bunis DC, Chiropractor, is a wonderful teacher to her patients. She loves to share information on Vitamins, Nutrition, Diet, Fitness, and Wellness.

Dr Jamie likes to treat all kinds of Chiropractic problems. She enjoys treating Low Back Pain, Neck pain, Bulging & Herniated disc, Joint pain and Muscle Pain. She likes treating kids and families as well.  Dr Greg calls her an excellent Chiropractor.  "I think she is probably a better adjuster than I am". She adjust manually or with the Activator instrument. Dr Jamie is originally from Cullman. Dr Greg said " I have know her and her family for years. And she is soo good at adjusting, I have wanted her to join me in practice for years but the timing was never right". That all changed when I decided to take on a partner in Jones Valley. Welcome home Dr Jamie.

Dr.Greg Millar DC CCEP

At the Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Jones Valley) clinic we have the DTS - Decompression Traction System. We also have in office X-ray and physiotherapy modalities such as e-stimulation, ultra sound, and cold laser. Compassionate Healing in a  State of the Art Practice.   Millar Chiropractic is a proud member of the UAB Dept of Neurosurgery Chiropractic Care Team. That means we work closely with local medical doctors and we will work closely with your medical team as well.  That gives you the best of both worlds. Doctors you already know and trust working with new Alternative Doctors willing to bring to the table new ideas and thinking.  Millar Chiropractic ClinicsTM was recently nominated by YOU and selected as the #1 Best in Business,Chiropractor, for Huntsville and North Alabama for 2014, a repeat winner for years in a row 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Wow.   Discover what thousands of your friends and neighbors already know.  Millar ChiropracticTM would be honored to be your Chiropractor.

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Call the Millar Chiropractic Appointment and information line:
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Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville Al (Jones Valley) 
2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr, Suite 150 
Huntsville, Alabama 35802
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Dr Jamie Bunis, DC Chiropractor  Monday through Friday

Dr Jamie Bunis is the Senior Chiropractor and an equity partner in Millar Chiropractic Jones Valley, LLC.  d/b/a Millar Chiropractic - Huntsville AL (Jones Valley). Each office owned and operated independently and constitutes a separate group practice. Millar Chiropractic Associates, Inc. is the marketing and management company for Millar Chiropactic ClinicsTM .  See Notices and Disclaimers. 




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